Have you ever wondered if you ACTUALLY know what you're doing sexually and sensually? There aren't many place for men to learn real pleasure techniques, and so many men end up "learning" from porn and partners, which often is not very effective in the long term for heightened states of pleasure for women.

The Sensual Arts for Men is a guide for men in heterosexual relationship looking to create true sensual pleasure for their partners & themselves beyond basic sex.

  • Tantric and Taoist techniques, that use massage and touch techniques, oral techniques and body movement techniques, creating more pleasure possibilities than ever before!
  • Learn how to body map and create real pleasure in your intimate life!
  • Access to email response and personal feedback for any questions you may have
Covered in the 6 week syllabus:
  • Body Language and Arousal Signs
  • How to create a sensual space for heightened arousal
  • Sensual exclusive music download for practicing your techniques
  • Body Mapping
  • Touch techniques for greater pleasure
  • Understanding a  womens' body and cycles of pleasure
  • Yoni Massage (Intimate Genital Touch techniques)
  • G-Spot and A-Spot Awakening Techniques
  • A guide to Perineum Technique and control for men to both last longer in lovemaking as well as creating multiple orgasms for men.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Sensual Arts for Men

    • Disclaimer

    • Using Thinkific: A guide to how the material is released

    • The Purpose & Intention

    • Some Terminology we will use during the course

    • Preparing The Space for these new techniques

    • Guidelines for Giving & Receiving Space for Couples

    • Gifting and Receiving Notes

    • Why notes on Activating The PNS?

    • Activating The PNS

    • Tantric Diva Music to use for practicing techniques

  • 2

    Basic Touch & Body Mapping Techniques

    • Intro to Body Mapping

    • Dancing Hands & Pleasure Canvas Techniques for gentle touch

    • Breath Body Massage Technique

    • Important Note on Breath Body Massage Technique

    • Yoni Anatomy

    • Gentle Yoni Touch Body Mapping

  • 3

    Oral Techniques

    • Basic Arousal Signs & Body Language

    • Oral Techniques

  • 4

    Basic Yoni Massage Techniques

    • Basic Yoni Massage

    • Energy Spread for Women

    • Basic Yoni Massage Course Notes

  • 5

    Pleasure Anatomy (including internal)

    • Anatomy of a Woman (Part 2)

    • Pleasure Anatomy Notes Full

  • 6

    Awakening The G-Spot & The A-Spot

    • Awakening the G-Spot

    • A-Spot Anatomy

  • 7

    BONUS: The Perineum Technique for Men

    • The Perineum Technique for Men

    • The TPP

About the instructor

Founder & Author at Intimacy Coach International

Anne-Marie Clulow

Anne-Marie had a spiritual awakening whilst on stage performing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" in 2010 where she heard a calling to go into a deep exploration of herself, her purpose, and what she could share with others who were awakening to the same shift in consciousness. Married for 25 years, and travelling through different stages of that relationship for over 29 years, brought her to developing a way to take relationships deeper, through working with therapists/coaches willing to look at a larger holistic relationship picture, inclusive of sexuality and sexual / life force energy. She developed Holistic Intimacy Coaching as a safe and boundaried way to learn about Neo-Tantra and Sense You Wellness in South Africa, and now has expanded into the international market training Holistic Intimacy Coaches online worldwide! Since then she has appeared on both radio and TV in South Africa, talking (Neo)Tantra and Conscious Sexuality and the healing power of life force energy. She has also been featured twice on ETV's "Great Expectations" on regaining and exploring libido before and after childbirth.  Anne-Marie writes a column for Odyysey Magazine (Blissexology) as their Thought Leader on Conscious Sexuality. Her calling is teaching and guiding the creation of individual Holistic Intimacy Coaches to work with people to improve pleasure possibilities, heal intimacy issues, awaken creativity and life force energy and shift into a conscious positive sensuality in the world! "Integrating a practical, curious and kind approach to sexuality helps heal a deep wound in humanity" (Anne-Marie Clulow)

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