Practical ways to begin a Neo-Tantra or Conscious Sexuality Journey

This 6 Week Course teaches PRACTICAL ways to begin to access this energy, to use it for linking into a spiritual journey.

Many spiritual paths ignore or deflect from our human nature and primal urges, which often leads to shadow problems later on a spiritual journey. 

By learning how to access and balance out this energy, we can become fully integrated in the human experience as well as progress further along our chosen spiritual paths.

In this Course we will cover:

  • What is Neo- Tantra, the different versions of Tantra & looking at what you specifically need to explore for your personal spiritual journey

  • How you can use these Neo - Tantra & Taoist techniques to grow your particular spiritual journey

  • How to begin a conscious exploration of your sexual shadow & eros

  • Looking at your sexual & erotic belief systems for integration into a spiritual journey

  • Breathwork techniques for raising the energy in your body with somatic experiences

  • Foundation Neo Tantra & Taoist techniques to begin a conscious awareness of the linking between kundalini/life force energy in the body & it's relation to touch/connection/self love

  • Guidelines on how to develop practical ways to integrate the energy into your life in all aspects

  • How to create boundaries when beginning a journey into conscious sexuality, what awarenesses need to be present with finding guides & teachers

  • Dealing with kundalini awakening and channeling the energy

Course Curriculum

  • 1

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    • A message about the intentions of this course...

    • Before we launch.....

    • Next steps before the launch...

    • Tips on using Thinkific with a drip scheduled course

  • 2

    Kundalini & Links to Neo Tantra

    • Why & What Is Neo-Tantra?

    • Kundalini/Sexuality & Belief Systems

    • Structure of Beliefs

    • Belief System Guided Meditation/Visualization

  • 3

    Conscious Exploration of Life Force Energy/Activating the PNS

    • Why do we need to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System?

    • Activating The PNS

    • PNS Activation Technique - Doubled Outbreath

    • PNS Activation Box Breathing Technique

    • PNS Activation Technique Eye Gazing

    • PNS Activation Full Body Meditation

  • 4

    Raising the Energy - Blossoming & The Perineum Technique

    • Why No Pause Breathing, Blossoming & The Perineum Technique?

    • No Pause Breathing

    • Blossoming - The Energy Releasing Technique for Women

    • Blossoming Technique For Women - PDF Notes

    • The Perineum Technique - The Energy Release Technique for Men

    • Perineum Technique For Men - PDF Notes

  • 5

    Sexual Shadow Work - Death Breath - Frequency Meditation

    • Shadow Work - The Beginning

    • What is Shadow Work?

    • Death Breath Guided Meditation

    • Frequency Meditation

    • Self Care Manual

  • 6

    The Stories Surrounding Sexuality & Genital Connections

    • The Stories & Storage in our Energy Body with the Genitals

    • Yoni Meditation (For Women)

    • The Yoni Story (for Women)

    • The Lingam Meditation (For Men)

    • The Lingam Story

  • 7

    The 7 Gateways

    • Sexual Meditations & Clearing The Eros Energy

    • The 7 Gateways & Culmination Exercises

    • The 7 Gateways & Culmination Exercises

    • So, what's next?

About the instructor

Founder & Author at Intimacy Coach International

Anne-Marie Clulow

Anne-Marie had a spiritual awakening whilst on stage performing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" in 2010 where she heard a calling to go into a deep exploration of herself, her purpose, and what she could share with others who were awakening to the same shift in consciousness. Married for 18 years, and travelling through different stages of that relationship for over 21 years, brought her to developing a way to take relationships deeper, through working with therapists/coaches willing to look at a larger holistic relationship picture, inclusive of sexuality.   She developed Intimacy Coaching as a safe and boundaried way to learn about Neo-Tantra and Sensual/Massage Skillsets in South Africa, and now has expanded into the international market with a set Code of Conduct for sessions. Since then she has appeared on both radio and TV in South Africa, talking Tantra & Conscious Sexuality. She has also been featured twice on ETV's "Great Expectations" on regaining and exploring libido before and after childbirth. Her calling is help people heal after sexual abuse, empower couples to reignite desire and teach holistic methods to improve pleasure possibilities and a conscious positive sexuality in the world, within a safe and boundaried methodology.Our WebsiteOur Blog