Designed around the principles of Intimacy Coaching, with roots in Neo Tantra and Taoist Conscious Sexuality, this course is designed to take committed couples' to the next level of intimacy & pleasure.

12 Weeks of Principles, Video & Lessons designed to improve pleasure and touch techniques, sensual communication, learn real anatomy and improve sexual performance and libido.

Includes E-Mail support and feedback as you go through the course

Please Note: 

Because this material is designed for couples' over the age of 18, and the material is of an adult nature, you must be over 18 to participate.

This course is NOT recommended:

  •  If there is sexual abuse or trauma in your history (it is advised to do a healing course first, or see a medical professional)
  • If the relationship is not already reasonably committed or strong, this course is not a quick fix, it is designed to take a relationship to the next level of intimacy.
  • If there is erectile dysfunction that has not been checked by a medical professional.


About the instructor

Founder & Author at Intimacy Coach International

Anne-Marie Clulow

Anne-Marie had a spiritual awakening whilst on stage performing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" in 2010 where she heard a calling to go into a deep exploration of herself, her purpose, and what she could share with others who were awakening to the same shift in consciousness. Married for 18 years, and travelling through different stages of that relationship for over 21 years, brought her to developing a way to take relationships deeper, through working with therapists/coaches willing to look at a larger holistic relationship picture, inclusive of sexuality.   She developed Intimacy Coaching as a safe and boundaried way to learn about Neo-Tantra and Sensual/Massage Skillsets in South Africa, and now has expanded into the international market with a set Code of Conduct for sessions. Since then she has appeared on both radio and TV in South Africa, talking Tantra & Conscious Sexuality. She has also been featured twice on ETV's "Great Expectations" on regaining and exploring libido before and after childbirth. Her calling is help people heal after sexual abuse, empower couples to reignite desire and teach holistic methods to improve pleasure possibilities and a conscious positive sexuality in the world, within a safe and boundaried methodology.Our WebsiteOur Blog 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Welcome!

    • Before we begin...

    • Introduction to your course

    • Using Thinkific

    • Terminology Used On This Course

  • 2

    Part 1 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Scheduling, Space & the Parasympathetic Nervous System

    • Designing Your Intimate Space

    • Scheduling (and why it's sexy!)

    • Don't be a Martyr!! (it's not sexy!)

    • Designing Intimate Space & Basic Practices

    • Tantric Diva Music for Exercises

  • 3

    Part 2 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • How to incorporate the practical exercises

    • Doubled Out-Breath Technique (PNS Activation)

    • Eye-Gazing Exercise

    • Dancing Hands Exercise

    • Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System

    • Skin Activations & The Pleasure Canvas

    • Dancing Hands Progression - The Pleasure Canvas

    • The Parasympathetic Nervous System

  • 4

    Part 3 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Gifting & Receiving - Why this technique works to re-pattern and deepen touch techniques

    • Starting to learn Basic Anatomy

    • Introduction To Anatomy - Yoni Anatomy (Vulva/Vagina)

    • Introduction To Anatomy - Lingam Anatomy (Penis)

    • Gifting and Receiving

  • 5

    Part 4 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Why Blossoming and releasing the Perineum?

    • The Blossoming Technique (For Women)

    • Releasing the Perineum (For Men)

    • The Blossoming Technique Plus Exercises (For Women)

    • The Perineum Technique (For Men)

    • A Word on this Week's Learning...

  • 6

    Part 5 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Introduction to Body Mapping

    • Basic Body Mapping for Women

  • 7

    Part 6 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Refresher before moving on...

    • Basic Body Mapping & Gentle Lingam Touch (For Men)

  • 8

    Part 7 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Communication & The Questions

    • The Questions

  • 9

    Part 8 Couple's Intimacy Course

    • Communication, Arousal & Body Language

    • Fantasies & Fun

  • 10

    Part 9 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Intro to Basic Lingam Massage

    • Lubrication for Lingam Massage

    • Energy Spread Technique for Men

    • Hand Over Hand Technique

    • Lingam Finger and Thumb Technique

    • Lingam Squeezing Technique

    • Lingam Twist and Turn Technique

    • Lingam Washing and Rubbing Technique

    • Lingam Ring Technique

    • Taoist Lingam Move

  • 11

    Part 10 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Foundation Yoni Massage

    • Foundation G-Spot Activation

  • 12

    Part 11 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Oral Techniques for the Yoni Positions & Basics

    • Oral techniques Yoni Preparation

    • Oral Techniques Yoni Breath Techniques

    • OT Yoni Acknowledging Fears

    • Oral techniques Yoni Tongue Techniques

    • Oral Techniques for Yoni Temperature Techniques

    • Oral Techniques for pleasuring the Yoni

    • Oral techniques Yoni Master

  • 13

    Part 12 Couples' Intimacy Course

    • Oral Techniques for pleasuring the Lingam

    • Oral Techniques for the Lingam Preparation & Positions

    • Oral Techniques Lingam Tongue Techniques

    • Oral techniques Lingam Movements

    • Oral Techniques Lingam Humming Technique

    • Oral Techniques Lingam Deep Throat

    • Oral Techniques Lingam CCD Technique

  • 14

    Bonus Chapter with an introduction to Divine Union

    • Divine Union, Taoist 9's and some Lovemaking Techniques

    • We're at the end of our journey for now...

Improve and learn skills for your intimate relationship now!

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