improved sleep and deeper states of relaxation through activating the parasympathetic nervous system

Increase libido gently through awakening deep states of relaxed bliss

Clarity around relaxing your nervous system and the techniques for unlocking your adrenaline overwhelm! 

Improving wellbeing through bliss and relaxation

We are learning more daily about how deep meditative states and relaxation states are key to implementing lifestyle and wellness changes, from sleep through to sensuality.....

I'm Anne-Marie

I hit a wall in my intimate life 16 years into my relationship, I tried date nights, romantic getaways and read books. Everything helped a little bit, but didn’t have long term effects.  After years of actually learning the somatic and nervous system work behind great pleasure and intimacy experiences, I started teaching methods that I had learned and integrated, to people who kept turning up in my life who needed the help! Now, that has expanded into teaching bliss and relaxation work, because everything in the body works symbiotically, so if you are undergoing deep stress or life changes, this will reflect though your nervous system with your sleep, your sensuality, your ability to relax. The Bliss Journal will help you start a journey to becoming more self aligned, more mindful and expand into deeper bliss and relaxation, better Sense You Wellness! 

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Better Sleep, Less anxiety, Less overwhelm, Better Bliss.

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